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Fall Semester - March 15th

Winter Session – Oct. 15th

Spring Semester – Oct. 15th

Summer Semester – March 11th

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References: You must submit at least two letters of reference. We encourage at least one academic reference. The other reference can be from an employer, advisor, coach, and/or supervisor. (Letters from relatives and/or friends are not accepted.. Please have your references return the letters directly to you so you can submit them with this application.

NOTE: if this is a AMC faculty led study abroad trip you do not need to have a reference letter.

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Statement of Interest: Please attach a statement of interest (min. 500 words) explaining why you wish to study abroad. Include in your statement why you have chosen a specific program and country and how you think this experience will benefit you in relation to your future endeavors.

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*Please note that the fact that a student is on probation or under sanction will be taken into account when making a decision regarding that student’s application for study abroad and may result in the rejection of an application. As part of the application process, current academic and disciplinary standing will be reviewed. Failure to indicate probationary status will result in withdrawal of support for an application.

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