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Photo Specifications

  • In color
  • Can NOT be a photo of your license
  • A recent photo
  • No filters
  • Taken in front of a plain background, or minimal distractions
  • Photo is taken with your body oriented vertically, not horizontally
  • Photo is taken of you alone, with no one else visible
  • Photo should be taken from the shoulders, up
  • Photo should be taken without wearing sunglasses, hats, masks or head coverings (unless worn daily for religious purposes)
  • Photo should be taken with sufficient lighting
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If you are requesting a new ID, please confirm the semester in which you will begin: *

Please note: 

There is a $20 replacement fee for students requesting a replacement ID. Please visit Student Accounts (located in Foundress Hall) to purchase a replacement. 

There is no need to complete the ID Request Form unless you would like to update your photo. 

Please contact Laurie Hickey ( with any questions.

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